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FAQ - Adjusting to College

How do I balance my academic life and social life in college?

When thinking about how to manage a work-life balance in college, it is important to think about the amount of independence you receive when you enter the college environment. You will no longer have people to tell you when you have to do your academic work or when you are allowed to go out with friends. This is why time management skills are so important to build in college so that you have time to get your work done and still have fun and enjoy college with your friends. 

What are some academic/social changes regarding college? What stays the same?

Many things change from high school to college, especially in the academic and social areas. As is expected, courses and their workloads get more difficult, so your studying habits must adapt. This means that you may need to take notes on a reading, form a study group within your class, or even attend office hours for further help every once in a while. Things also change socially. Friend groups may change and not stay the same throughout your four years, and that’s okay! There are just so many people to meet, hang out with, and become friends with in college.

FAQ - College Planning

How do I make sure I’m prepared for college workload and know what classes to take?

In order to get a good grasp on what courses you need to take (for your respective major and beginning classes at college) and make sure you are ready to tackle the workload that comes along with them, it is important to speak to your academic advisor for help on selecting classes. Academic advisors can be found on your student portal or on the school’s website under their academics section. Talking to upperclassmen also helps with finding out what classes to take and how to manage the work they require of you. 

How do I make the most of college?

The best way to make the most of your college experience is to give it your all! You want to make the most out of these four years. Whether that be joining certain clubs or taking a variety of classes that peak your academic interests. You want to make sure you are doing all you can at your own pace, while also taking care of yourself, in order to make the most of your college experience.

How do I know what college to pick?

You want to choose a college that is your “best fit.” This includes a variety of factors such as the location of the school, the size of the school, the academic programs the school provides, the cost of attendance, the food served at the school, and more! You want to make sure you are choosing a school that meets most, if not all, of the things you are looking for in a college. 

FAQ - Scholarships

How do I find scholarships available to me? How do I check what their eligibility requirements are? How do I find and check school-specific scholarships?

There are a variety of scholarships available to be applied to that have varying eligibility requirements and that can be applied to through your school or through an independent organization. Therefore, it is helpful to look at various scholarships early on so that you can get an idea of which scholarships you can and want to apply to. Scholarship banks can be found here . In terms of scholarships your school offers, these can be found on their respective websites, typically under the financial aid section. If you can’t find the scholarships they offer, it may be helpful to call the financial aid office (the number found in the contact information of the school) and ask them what scholarships they offer.

FAQ - Finance

How can I become informed on the financial aid policies of my school?

On each school’s website, there is typically a financial aid section that helps inform incoming students on the unique financial aid policies and packages that the school offers. Schools also have contact information for the financial aid office where you can call in and ask a financial aid officer any questions you have about the aid the school offers.

When should I start thinking about schools to apply to, scholarships to apply to, etc.?

This varies depending on the person and if they know what they want to do or which schools/scholarships they want to apply for. However, you should generally begin looking at what schools and scholarships you want to apply to during your junior year of high school. This gives you enough time to research what you want and begin preparing for actually applying for these things during your senior year. 

How can I receive help on applying to schools, scholarships, etc.?

LAUNCH offers help and has informational sections regarding the college application process and finding scholarships. You can find those resources here. School guidance counselors can also provide help for college applications and scholarships.

What is the FAFSA/CSS Profile and how do they work?

While you can find more information on these two different types of financial forms here, here are some brief definitions of each. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is used to measure your eligibility for financial aid (both by the government and by your school). The CSS Profile (College Scholarship Service Profile) is used for similar reasons but is only required for certain schools in order to test your eligibility for non-federal aid.

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