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The Mentoring Service to Empower your Student

Given the diverse needs of Antioch High School's student body, these programs can address specific challenges faced by students, including those identified as underperforming, first-generation college students, or those with particular career aspirations.

  •  Cohort Program: mentor a cohort of 30 students from their freshmen to senior year. Students are selected based on their commitment to advancing equity in under-represented populations and advancing their own career progression.

  • Career Exploration Days: Organized visits to local businesses, colleges, and universities, allowing students to explore different career paths and educational opportunities firsthand

LAUNCH Mentorship's programming includes a four-year cohort program that provides comprehensive, long-term support for high school students. Starting at the end of their 8th grade year, students are inducted into a structured program that evolves with their educational journey, culminating in college and career readiness driven by individual goals devised through collaboration with students and their families. Each cohort comprises 30 students, 10 from each feeder middle school, providing individualized attention while fostering a community of learning and growth


Partnerships + Future Work

We are a newly formed non-profit, and we are raising funds necessary to accomplish our mission statement! Please make a contribution above or contact one of our executives to ask how you can get involved! 

Carpenter at Work

Broad Impact Programs

Designed to provide general support, resources, and educational content accessible to all students, aiming to foster a culture of academic engagement and awareness. By addressing the general needs of the student population, Broad Impact Programs can create a foundation for educational success and increase awareness about future educational and career opportunities. LAUNCH will expand to include the following programs:

  • Professional Career Panels: Expose students to established professionals across a variety of industries who come from similar backgrounds. These panelists will share an overview into their job responsibilities, required training/education, and adjacent compensation rates.

  • Professional Presentations: Industry deep dives held by a single established professional or a group of professionals in the same subject area.

  • College Admission Panels: Invite college admissions officers to speak a large student crowd on how to stand out in the application process


Student Fair

The Back-to-School Bash is LAUNCH Mentorship’s annual community event in partnership with Antioch High School and the southeast Nashville Public Schools cluster.

The purpose of this event is to provide students and families in need with school supplies, backpacks, and a good time within their community. It also provides parents and students to meet with representatives from their respective Antioch cluster schools.


LAUNCH has hosted the annual Back to School Event at the Southeast Community Center in Antioch TN in 2021, 2022, and 2023, providing at least 1000 backpacks filled with school supplies to our community each year. We will work to establish our Back to School Bash as a larger event in the years to come!

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