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The Most Important Year


Your past two years of high school have led directly to this very important part of your high school journey. Some may say that Junior year is one of the toughest yet rewarding years within high school. This is for many reasons ranging from exploring what you want to do after high school (whether that be more education or a stimulating career!) to taking college-entry exams to apply to colleges across the country. Regardless, the things you do from here until the end of the summer of your senior year are going to be crucial in guiding you to what your path entails for after high school. 

If you do decide to continue your education beyond high school, then its time to become more prepared to conquer the ACT/SAT! In your previous two years, you might have had some experience with these tests and chances to practice and study them. However, this is the year to really get into the tests and prepare to get the best score you can. There are a lot of tips and tricks to doing your best job on these very important tests for higher education. 


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