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New Adventures Await


Senior year is the pinnacle year of your high school career. It is going to involve a lot of final fun time with your high school friends (i.e. prom, senior ditch day, senior pranks, graduation) and a lot of transitions into life after high school. It is also important to state, however, that this is also an important year that must be taken seriously as it will be crucial in getting you to your post-high school plans. Thus, there are many important obligations that must be accounted for in the midst of all the fun. 

For those planning on going into education beyond high school, the main process you will undertake this year is the college application process. The college application process has many moving pieces and many ways of entry. Some of the most common ways of starting the college application process are the common app, Questbridge, college-specific apps, etc. In terms of the moving parts, you will have to write essays for these applications, document the extracurriculars you were involved in high school, consider the financial aid each college offers, look for scholarships and apply to them, and even decide how you want to apply to the college whether its regular decision, early action, or early decision. A more in-depth dive into all these processes and moving parts can be found here.




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