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In today’s job market, you may need more than a highschool diploma to achieve your goals in the future. Depending on your long term plans it can be crucial for you to attend a university, community college, or any type of technical degree program after high school.


Making a smooth transition from middle school to high school and then from high school to college can seem overwhelming, but with a well-informed plan, navigating yourself through this very important time in your life can be really easy! 


Starting with the summer before high school, you can ensure you are on the right path by following the “road-map” below! From researching dream colleges, taking the SAT or ACT tests, or applying for financial aid this overall process is mapped out and described in chronological order below.


Here’s something no one tells you about your high school education: You’re in control. You’re in charge of what you do and how well you do. It’s up to you whether you treat high school as something imposed on you — something to simply get through — or as an experience you can use to figure out what you’re excited about.

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