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The Start of an Amazing Adventure


Freshman year can be summarized as the year of acclimation. Your main goal this year should be to get used to the high school routine. Take this year to really solidify your academic habits such as good organization, note-taking skills, time-management, and computer skills.

Never forget about yourself and your self-care. This might be a very confusing time in your life because there are so many new things happening. From the dramatic change in your environment, new freedoms gained due to your age, or even a change in your friend group, if there’s anything that is guaranteed in life, it’s that things will change. A question you may consider is what will happen to your middle school friends during your transition to high school? Jennifer O’Donnell has a great article over at Verywellfamilly about this topic!

If you have not thought about your interests and passions now is a time to really ask yourself what you like. If you have a passion for drawing pursue it in fun projects that you do for yourself. Do you like engineering? Try out some of the DIY projects listed here. Reach out to the professional people you or your parents know and see what advice they have on college or if they can even describe their job.


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