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What is a scholarship?

     A scholarship is a financial award granted to a student in order to pursue education. 

How do I find a scholarship?


     First, look into prospective schools and see what scholarships they offer. Usually, these will be listed under financial aid tabs on university/college websites.

     Next, ask your guidance counselors and teachers for any scholarships or gifts that your school or district may award. Continue to persist and get all the information that you can from your local school system. Reach out to teachers who have been instrumental in your development as a student and use their resources as well. 

There are also many outside scholarships for excellent students that fund entire college expenses and tend to be more considerate towards lower-income, first-generation college students.

Below are some of the most common: 

     -Questbridge Scholarship
     -Jackie Robinson Scholarship
     -The Bill Gates Scholarship

Lastly, do not be afraid to apply for scholarships. There are scholarships for almost anything. There are athletic scholarships, music scholarships, talent scholarships, racial/ethnic scholarships. The more scholarships you can rack up, the less you eventually will have to pay!

Just remember, before applying to any scholarship, read all the details. This can include the duration of the scholarship (first year or all four years), qualifications for eligibility (low income, first-generation college student) or requirements to continue to receive the scholarship (maintaining a certain GPA) 

Below are some websites to scholarship websites that list a ton of great scholarships that one can apply for. Again, MAKE SURE TO READ THE QUALIFICATIONS. Some scholarships may require you to live in a certain town or state or go to a certain high school. 

     - CollegeNET
     - Scholarships
     - Niche
     - Fastweb
     - Finaid
     - SallieMae 
     - The College Board

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